Research Areas and Supervisors

Faculty of Applied Sciences


Departmental Representative



Prof Francis Lewu

Biotechnology and Consumer Science

Prof Irma Venter

Research in the department


Prof Ayesha Jacobs

Research areas

Conservation and Marine Sciences

Prof Reinette Snyman

Research projects


Environmental and Occupational Studies

Prof James Odendaal

Food Technology

Prof Jessy van Wyk


Horticultural Sciences

Prof Johannes Coetzee

Mathematics and Physics

Dr Otolorin Osibote

Faculty of Business & Management Sciences


Departmental Representative


Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Dr R Tengeh

Graduate Centre for Management

Dr D Onojaefe

Hotel School, Granger Bay Campus

Dr T Nyathela

Human Resource Management

Dr B Rust

Management Accounting

Dr P Kamala

Management and Project Management

Dr L Jowah


Dr R Duffett

Office Management & Technology

Dr S Hollis-Turner

Operations Management

Dr B W Yan

Public Administration & Governance

Dr Stan Cronje

Retail Business Management

Mr Maphelo Malgas

Sports Management

Dr S Taliep

Tourism & Events Management

Dr Thandokazi Mbane

Centre for Tourism Research in Africa (CETRA)

Unit for Applied Economics

Mr E van Doesburgh

Faculty of Education


Departmental Representative


Research and Postgraduate Studies

Prof Agnes Chigona

Research and Postgraduate Studies

Research and Postgraduate Studies

Prof Candice Livingston

Research and Postgraduate Studies

Faculty of Engineering & the Built Environment


Departmental Representative


Chemical Engineering

Prof T Ojumu

Environmental Engineering and Bioproducts Technology

Hydrometallurgy, Biotechnology and Mineral Processing

Oil and Gas Technology

Civil Engineering and Geomatics

Dr Morakane Khahledi

Civil Engineering and Geomatics Research

Construction Management and Quantity Surveying

Dr Lance Wentzel

Construction Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development and performance

Construction Health and Safety

Sustainable Housing

Construction corporate social responsibility

Urban and rural settlement development

Electrical Engineering

Dr Atanda Raji

Centre for Distributed Power & Electronic Systems (CDPES)

Centre for Instrumentation Research (CIR)

Centre for Power Systems Research (CPSR)

Centre for Real-Time Distributed Systems (CRTDS)

Centre for Substation Automation and Energy Management Systems (CSAEMS)

French South African Institute of Technology (F'SATI)

Quantum Physics Research Group

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr Bronwyn Swartz

Research areas & Supervisors

Mechanical Engineering

Prof Graeme Oliver

Research areas

Faculty of Health & Wellness Sciences


Departmental Representative


Biomedical Sciences

Dr Samantha Meyer

Oxidative Stress Research Centre

Dental Technology Mr Abduraghman Latief

Emergency Medical Care

Dr Simpiwe Sobuwal

Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Sciences

Dr Florence Davidson

Postgraduate studies


Dr Odilia Sehume

Ophthalmic Sciences

Prof Peter Clarke-Farr

Wellness Sciences

Dr Zelda Vergotine

Faculty of Informatics & Design


Departmental Representative


Applied Design

Dr Bruce Snaddon

Architecture and Interior Design Lloyd Pretorius

Information Technology

Dr Errol Francke


Dr Blessing Makwambeni

Urban and Regional Planning

Dr Belinda Verster