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Student Governance & Leadership Development

Student Governance

Our mission is to develop a cohort of Student Leaders across our 5 campuses who are committed to engaging actively in leadership opportunities aimed at shaping identified graduate attributes. It is hoped that student leaders will contribute to Transformation of the University in line with its Mission of being at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa.

Student Governance Functions and Activities.

Student Governance and Leadership Development Unit supports the student representative council and student structures to enhance their program delivery thereby enriching student life within CPUT. The department is responsible for SRC induction, team building, policy development and analysis, conflict intervention and management, negotiation, etc.

The core functions of the Unit include:

  • Improving the quality and increasing student leadership participation in Student Governance.
  • Co-ordinate the co- curricular programmes and community service activities on and off campus, for SRC’s.
  • Plan and co-ordinate induction, strategic and financial planning programmes with student leaders
  • Develop and review policies and constitutions governing student governance structures.
  • Serve as a support structure for students by providing them with information, rules and procedures.
  • Ensure that the budget is adhered to and that action plans are implemented.
  • Facilitate and support the conducting of SRC elections.
  • Ensure that student leadership receives the necessary training so that they can be effective in executing their responsibilities.