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About Us

The Secretariat is the administrative unit in the Registrar’s Division which services the University Council, Senate, Executive Management [EM] and Management, as well as, all the Committees of these bodies. It is responsible for the full administrative function associated with servicing committees: from the preparation and distribution of agendas with all relevant supporting documentation to the production of minutes. The unit is also tasked with record keeping, document management and providing information to stakeholders.

The department reports to the Registrar, Mr Sello Mokoena, (021) 959 6202 or mokoenas@cput.ac.za


The offices of the Secretariat are on the 1st Floor, Administration Building (in the Council Wing), Bellville Campus.

Service Statement

The Secretariat Department will strive towards delivering an effective and efficient secretariat service and provide logistical support to all its stakeholders.

In addition to the above-mentioned vision the following values will support the activities of our department:

  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment

Core Services

  1. Maintain Institutional Statute and Regulations.
  2. Provide Administrative Support to the Registrar.
    1. Service Council and Council Committees, Senate and Senate Committees and the Management Committees.
    2. Data Management and Protection.
    3. Development of Institutional Year Programme.
    4. Facilitate Institutional Elections.

Activities and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Planning and coordinating the University’s annual management and governance meetings.
  • Managing and coordinating administrative aspects of statutory committees to ensure efficient functioning;
  • Providing secretariat services to the University’s statutory committees (as delegated by Registrar/Secretary of Council, fulfilling the role of administrative Secretary to statutory committees);
  • Providing procedural advice and guidance during meetings to ensure protocol is adhered to;
  • Ensuring that resolutions taken at meetings are communicated and followed through according to protocol;
  • Distributing Action Memoranda/Progress Reports to ensure that actions decided upon in meetings are followed through according to delegated authority levels;
  • Contributing to establishment of an efficient communications network to facilitate operations.

The Secretariat is the only office that liaises with Council and Committee members pertaining to committee matters.




Email Address

Telephone Number

Mr Athi Majija



021 959 8688

Ms Tania George

Senior Committee Officer 


021 959 5641

Ms Mertrude Davids

Committee Officer


021 959 8684

Ms Nicolette Hanning

Committee Officer


021 953 8689

Ms Bronwen Cloete

Committee Officer


021 959 6820

Ms Rene Govender

Committee Officer


021 959 6749

Ms Siyasanga Nqwazi

Committee Administrator


021 9596626

Ms Dorian Aploon

Committee Administrator


021 959 8684

The offices of the Secretariat are located in the Council wing, 1st Floor, Administration Building, Bellville Campus.