Institutional audit 2010

About the Institutional Audit

In October 2010, three months after the Soccer World Cup, CPUT was audited by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).


Photographs: Scenes from various working group sessions, held in 2008 and 2009.

This committee was established in 1997 to:

  • Promote quality assurance in higher education
  • Audit quality assurance mechanisms in higher education institutions
  • Accredit programmes of higher education


The HEQC has developed a quality assurance framework and nineteen criteria evaluating:

  • Fitness of purpose based on national goals, priorities and targets
  • Fitness for purpose in relation to the specified mission within a national framework that encompasses differentiation and diversity.
  • Value for money judged in relation to the full range of higher education purposes set out in the White Paper
  • Transformation in the sense of enhancing the capabilities of individual learners for personal development, as well as the requirements of social development, and economic and employment growth

Preparing for the audit

The following tasks were completed in preparation for the self-evaluation process:

  • The setting-up of a steering committee to oversee all aspects of the institutional audit The Steering Committee was appointed at the Extended Management meeting on 20 March, and consists of extended management, three union representatives, one SRC representative, twelve convenors of working groups
  • At its meeting on 19 May 2008, the Working Group convenors confirmed the Institutional Audit structure and the process, and tried to gain a clearer understanding of the criteria assigned to each working group. Initial discussions regarding the membership of the various working groups was decided.
  • The institutional audit project plan was completed and approved by Senate on 2 June 2008, and will be made available to each working group at its first meeting.
  • The setting-up of the working groups to deal with various aspects of the self-evaluation in terms of the HEQC criteria and the membership of the working groups were approved on 5 June 2008. The first progress report was also submitted to the Extended Management on the same date.

Project Plan and Overview Calendar

The Institutional Audit Project Plan and Overview Calendar used for the audit is available for download.

Progress Reports

The following table lists the progress reports that are available for download:

Progress Report Date Progress Report Name
28 April 2009 Progress Report to Senate
2 June 2009 Progress Report
3 August 2009 Deans Progress Report
3 August 2009 Institutional Audit Progress Deans
16 August 2009 Dean's Progress Report
25 August 2009 Progress Report
23 November 2009 Deans Progress Report
24 January 2010 Deans Update
4 March 2010 Deans Update
4 March 2010 Senate
9 March 2010 Council
29 March 2010 Deans Update

Additional information

Launching the Institutional Audit

Working groups

Training sessions

The first training session, “Reflective practice – how to do a self-evaluation, “ for the working group convenors and members was held on 19 June 2008. Training sessions have consequently been run for panel members in programme reviews, and strategic unit reviews.