Assistive technology

"Will-power is to the mind like a strong blind man who carries on his shoulders a lame man who can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer

We are pleased to offer a number of different assistive devices to students to support them in their academic development.


  • Large screen computer monitors – for visually impaired students.
  • Scanners– to enable students to scan their work and save it in document or audio format.
  • Magnifiers – for visually impaired students.
  • Braille embosser – for blind students and staff to convert documents into Braille.
  • Special large font keyboards – for visually impaired students (in yellow and black, or black and white keyboards).
  • Digital recorders – for students with physical challenges to enable them to record lectures and write notes at a later stage and at their own pace.

The Disability unit's new state-of-the-art portable Loop System and FM System, for use at conferences, meetings and other events at CPUT. The portable Loop System transmits audio signals directly to individuals’ hearing aids. These audio signals are then converted by the hearing aid into a sound suited to an individual’s specific hearing requirements.

Specialised software programs and their use

Jaws for windows

Powerful screen reading software that enables blind people to obtain optimum use of their computers.


A software programme for visually impaired people that magnifies the desktop to the required level, in order to be able to navigate on-screen. It also has a screen reading speech facility for easier navigation.


A powerful tool for people with learning disabilities, e.g. dyslexia. It has spelling aids, homophone checkers, screen reading, scanning and study aids.


For blind people to scan texts (e.g. books and text handouts) that can be converted into Braille. The software also has screen reading facilities. Scanned text can be converted into word document or audio format.


For people with physical impairment or learning disabilities to convert the spoken word into written format.


This is a multi sensory software package that caters for individuals who have dyslexia as well as those who are partially sighted, visually impaired or physically challenged.