Disability Unit

The Disability Unit (DU) warmly welcomes students, staff and visitors with disabilities.

Who We Are

The DU is a multi-functional support service point of the University that strives to implement an accessible and welcoming learning environment for students with disabilities as well as support for staff working with these students.

We also play an advisory and advocating role for staff with disabilities.  

The DU aims to assist prospective students with their enquiries and assesses their individual requirements and needs.


Dr Amanda Ismail

HOD: All campuses

Tel: 021 460-3975 District 6

Tel: 021 959-6964 Bellville

Email: ismailam@cput.ac.za

Mrs Dellicia de Vos

Administrator - District Six Campus

Tel: 021 460-9071

Email: devosd@cput.ac.za

Mr Maduvha Malivhoho

Real Time Data Capturer – District 6 Campus

Tel: 021 460-3056

Email: malivhohom@cput.ac.za

Mr Kevin Petersen

SA Sign Language Interpreter – Mowbray Campus

Tel: 021 680-1562

Email: petersenke@cput.ac.za

Ms Pumeza Magogotya

Admin Assistant - Bellville & Wellington Campuses 

Tel: 021 953-8447

Email: magogotyap@cput.ac.za

Ms Lillian Fortuin

Administrator - Bellville & Wellington Campuses

Tel: 021 953-8438

Email: fortuinli@cput.ac.za