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Safety and security

CPUT is a drug free and Dry campus

As a drug free campus it is illegal to use, distribute or sell drugs/ alcohol on the premises of this campus. People who are suspected of intoxication by alcohol or drugs will be referred to the office of Student Affairs. If a determination is made that an individual is using drugs or alcohol on campus, or coming to campus intoxicated, the individual could be suspended and/or face a legal penalties according to law. Alcohol and drug use can have severe consequences both educationally and personally. If you know of someone, or personally have a drug/alcohol problem, please contact the Student Counsellor for information about referrals to agencies that can assist you. You can also contact the PSD.

Building Access

All entry to the campuses is regulated by student/staff cards and vehicle permits. All staff and students must produce their identity cards when requested to do so. Student/Staff may be denied access to the campus if they fail to produce or display the appropriate card/permit. The campus is open under normal work hours. After hours, university personal have limited access to facilities as needed.  Any student desiring use of the university’s facilities beyond normal work hours must obtain written approval for use of facilities from the respective HOD’s. We are encouraging all staff and students to wear their CPUT identity cards at all times.

Residences/ dormitories

University residences/dormitories are open under normal work hours, as defined. After hours, only dormitory resident students have accessibility. Anyone desiring to visit any residence/dormitory must contact the appropriate supervisor: All visitors must report to the security. No visitors are allowed onto the premises after 22:00.

Reporting of Criminal Action or Emergencies

To report any criminal actions or other emergencies occurring on campus during normal work hours, as defined, notify the PSD at the PS 24-hour control room number to report all emergencies and incidences is 021 9596301 for Bellville and 021 4603122 for Cape Town.

Standards of Conduct

Students and employees shall not engage in the unauthorized or unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use/abuse of alcohol and/or illicit drugs on university property, or use a part of the University for such Activities.

Legal Sanctions for Violation of the Standards of Conduct

Any student or employee who is convicted of the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, use/abuse of illicit drugs or alcohol is subject to criminal penalties under the Criminal Procedure Act or laws. These penalties range in severity from a fine of up to R100 to life imprisonment. The exact penalty assessed depends upon the nature and severity of the individual offence.

Penalties Which May be Imposed by the University

Students and/or employees who violate the above standard of conduct will be subject to disciplinary sanctions. The sanctions include, but are not limited to, a requirement to complete an appropriate rehabilitation or re-entry program; expulsion from University or termination of employment; and/or referral to authorities for prosecution.

Traffic and parking

Parking lots are open to all students, employees and visitors of the University, unless otherwise specifically marked and designated as a special use parking lot, space or area. A parking permit is required for vehicles. Any person who parks a vehicle on campus shall be responsible for ensuring the vehicle is properly parked. Vehicles that are illegally park shall have the wheels clamped and fine of R50-00 will be imposed.

Any person operating a motor vehicle on campus shall obey all applicable laws and university regulations. A PS/Security Officer may cite any person who violates traffic or parking regulation on campus. Fines that are processed through the university administration system may be appealed through the Manager Protection and Transport Services.

Application for parking