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Courseware development

Courseware development concerns the design and development of appropriate electronic materials for teaching and learning. This includes the use of authoring tools and scripting languages to develop multimedia educational materials including databases, file systems and website development.   

The Courseware Developer works with an instructional designer, subject matter experts and graphic designer to ensure quality and accurate development and implementation of design and final products (teaching and learning material). The Developer provides advice on aspects of technology, best practices and development of courseware and administers project coordination and consultations with regard to appropriate electronic materials for teaching and learning.

The institutional on-going project within Courseware Development is the CPUT Online Multilingual Glossaries, which focuses on subject-specific terminology with the aim of promoting multilingual teaching and learning of key concepts. This initiative will also contribute to the development of scientific terminologies in African languages for different study fields. The project is done in collaboration with glossary authors, the language coordinators in different faculties, lectures, students, internal and external language specialists and industry personnel.

For more information on the above services please contact:

Ms Linda Manashe
Tel: +27 (0)21 959 6295
Fax: +27 (0)86 671 6580
e-mail: mkhizel@cput.ac.za