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Centre for Diversity, Inclusivity & Social Change

About Us

The Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) leadership is committed to lead the transformation process within the University and to ensure that it involves a shared sense of citizenship that can bridge division based upon race, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion and other intolerances. Creativity and innovation are best nurtured within the institution when staff and students from diverse populations, cultures, identity and opinions unite through a common agenda of “One Smart CPUT. It is within this context that the Centre for Diversity, Inclusivity & Social Change serves to engage, monitor and advise the University on the mainstreaming of transformation and social cohesion for staff and students.

Our focus

Our focus is based on the following features:

  • Increased participation –which entails wider participation and sustainability of the principles of equity and redress as well as the imperatives of demography and development. It also includes massification of education that involves different modes of delivery, patterns of transformed knowledge production (e.g. Curriculum, teaching and learning, research and community engagement).
  • Greater responsiveness- initiatives that are more responsive to the needs and interest of the CPUT community and the people that it serves within the broader African context.
  • Increased cooperation, innovations and partnership- No single actor can claim sole responsibility for transformation, interdependence and multisectoral approaches enhance participation and effectiveness.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate, coordinate, monitor and advise on the implementation of the Institutional Transformation Plan that is aligned to the CPUT Vision 2030;
  • Monitor and advise on the efficiency and effectiveness of the Institutional Culture;
  • Monitor and advise on the coordination of access, success, retention and support initiatives for staff and students;
  • Monitor and advise on the coordination of social inclusion policy initiatives for staff and students;
  • Monitor and advise on the coordination of the transformation of knowledge production (i.e. teaching & learning, curriculum, research & community engagement) including equity responsive funding budget;
  • Monitor and coordinate partnership and collaboration on transformation initiatives; and
  • Monitor and coordinate complaints handling on transformation related matters.