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Application and Registration Centre

The Application and Registration Centre (ARC) administers student applications and the student registration process.


Application-related services include:

  • receipt and processing of electronic and manual application forms
  • checking accuracy and completeness
  • capturing of applicant’s information on the systems
  • capturing of the applicants’ results on the systems
  • sending of bulk SMS/responses to applicants
  • capturing of the admission status on the systems as per selection outcome conducted within faculties
  • generation of electronic responses on the outcome of applications
  • review of the electronic application platform
  • record keeping of student application information
  • control of access to the applications system
  • constant review of website content
  • International Academic Administration for formal programmes

Registration-related services include:

  • production of the registration plans and guide
  • production of registration regulations
  • review of the electronic registration platform
  • determination of institutional registration dates and timelines
  • capturing of academic related information on systems
  • record keeping of student registration information
  • maintain student records of current and former students
  • update student biographical information
  • issuing of proof of registration

Contact us

Application and Registration Centre offices are located at:

Bellville Campus, Administration Building, Tel no: +27 21 9596082

D6 Campus, Administration Building, Tel no: +27 21 460 3861

Mowbray Campus, Administration Building, Tel no: +27 21 680 1546

Wellington Campus, Administration Building, Tel no: +27 21 864 5503

Contact persons for applications

D6 Campus

Gail Dinnis (Ms.)
Senior Admissions & Registration Administrator
Tel: +27 021 464 7229
Rm 2.601B Second Floor, Administration Building

Bellville Campus

Thandi Malaza (Ms)
Acting Senior Administrator
Tel. +27 021 959 6256
Room 0011 Ground Floor, Administration Building

 Mowbray Campus

Allan Solomons (Mr.)
Senior Admissions Administrator
Tel. +27 021 680 1546
Room 0011 Ground Floor, Administration Building

Wellington Campus

Helena Jacobs (Ms)
Acting Senior Admissions Administrator
Tel: +27 21 864 5503