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Postgraduate Student Support

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies, in collaboration with the Research Directorate, provides a range of support services for postgraduate (master’s and doctoral) students.

The postgraduate student support programme at CPGS offers tailored assistance to postgraduate students, including requested activities such as editing, proofreading, advanced statistical analysis and methodological guidance, among others.

Available support

Editing and proofreading:

This involves helping students refine their written work for clarity, coherence, and academic style. It includes correcting grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors.

Critical reading:

Critical readers evaluate scholarly articles or dissertations, focusing on their quality, validity and relevance. These individuals, typically researchers or academics, assess the methodology, findings and conclusions of a study. They also evaluate the clarity, coherence, significance of the research question, appropriateness of the methodology, rigour of data analysis, presentation of results and validity of conclusions.


Assistance with statistical analysis, including selecting the appropriate methods for data analysis, interpreting results, and using statistical software.

Research Methodology:

Support designing research studies, selecting appropriate methodologies, developing research instruments, and addressing methodological issues.

Research Software:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics is a comprehensive software package used for quantitative data analysis, supporting the entire analytical process from project planning to data collection and analysis.
  • Atlas.ti is a powerful tool for qualitative data analysis, data management, and model building.
  • Turnitin: All written works, including assignments, articles, dissertations, and theses, must be checked for originality using Turnitin, an advanced plagiarism and AI-generated text detection tool. Postgraduate students should be registered on the Turnitin platform by their supervisors at the proposal stage.

Request support

To request assistance with any of the above services, please complete this application form. A member of our staff will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

For any queries about access to support services, please contact onesmartcpgs@cput.ac.za.