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About us

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPGS) was established in 2009 with the responsibility to coordinate postgraduate studies and postdoctoral research at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT).

Postgraduate studies

In the case of postgraduate studies, the Centre liaises with prospective and current postgraduate students. In the former case the Centre links students to faculties through the faculty research coordinators (FRCs). In the latter case the Centre, in conjunction with the FRCs, assists students in complying with the requirements of the Higher Degrees Committee (HDC).

In both cases above, the Centre manages all postgraduate bursaries at CPUT. These include the CPUT bursary, the Mauerberger bursary, the NRF bursaries in all their forms, as well as other grants.

In addition to these core activities, the Centre supports postgraduate students and staff with research assistance such as planning a research project, survey design, questionnaire design, statistical consultation and statistical data analysis.  The Centre administers software packages like STATISTICA, SPSS, ATLAs.ti and Turnitin (anti-plagiarism software).   Seminars and workshops in research methods and the use of statistics in research are also provided to postgraduate students and supervisors on a regular basis.

The CPGS assists faculties to improve student throughput by monitoring and evaluating student progress based on HDC approvals.

The Centre also assists in increasing student numbers and improving student retention by marketing research expertise and bursary availability to all campuses in the first instance, to the province in the second, as well as nationally and internationally.

Our core mandate is to assist postgraduate students in the pursuit of academic excellence. The Centre aims to enhance the profile of postgraduate activity at the University, to contribute to the goal of attracting students into our research community, and to raise awareness of potential technology innovation as an outcome of postgraduate research.

Role of the Centre

The role of the Centre includes:

  • monitoring and implementing quality assurance mechanisms with respect to successful postgraduate progress and throughout
  • building effective relationships with faculties to provide support for postgraduate training initiatives
  • mentoring of and guidance to postgraduate students and supervisors
  • giving advice and support to postgraduate students in dealing with relevant problems
  • providing policy guidelines that ensure high levels of postgraduate research dissemination and value addition
  • promoting the development of postgraduate student welfare systems for the attainment of academic excellence
  • contributing to the enhancement of research skills of postgraduate students
  • providing an orientation programme for newly admitted postgraduate students

Postdoctoral research

In the case of postdoctoral research, the Centre liaises with faculties and research units in the recruitment of postdoctoral fellows and adjunct professors.  We manage all postdoctoral appointments at CPUT as well as administering stipends.

The core mandate in this instance is to assist in increasing CPUT research output in terms of student throughput, published material and technology innovation.  We, therefore, support the DVC: RTIP in all special projects that are designed to realise this mandate.

Enjoy your stay at CPUT

In line with the CPUT Vision 2030 and the 10-year RTI Blueprint, we are involved in building a broad academic community of researchers, scholars and students who are ready to work together towards attaining our goals. We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community.

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Centre for Postgraduate Studies

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