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Research Management

Our mandate is to govern CPUT’s research agenda through:

  • Research Communication and Marketing
  • Manage and implement the internal research incentive baskets
  • Conversation Africa 
  • CPUT Annual Research Reports
  • Policies (review, development and implementation)
  • Review of entities and special projects
  • The efficient and effective of research management, implementation and administration through processes and systems;
  • Monitoring and evaluating research performance and funding mechanisms through electronic platforms and approved research information management system (RIMS). Click here for Clarivate Converis
  • Perform an overarching management function of all Research Directorate (RD) responsibilities;
  • Research leadership and implementation, policy and governance.

Research Publications

This section manages research outputs and publications, creative outputs and innovations. Its function, is the annual submission of the accredited research outputs, creative outputs and innovation to the Department of Higher Education, Science and Technology (DHSET) to claim for subsidy. This process is governed by the DHET Research Outputs Policy of 2015. The CPUT annual internal deadline for submission to the RD Office is 28 February. This process goes through online submissions, evaluations, and assessments by the RD and appointed committee for approval before submission to the DHSET annually. The annual final date to the DHSET is of May.

DHET Research Outputs Policy

Research publications recognised for subsidy purposes include:

  • Articles in journals which appear on the lists of DHET approved journals supplied annually
  • Peer-reviewed scholarly books and conference proceedings that meet certain criteria as outlined in the policy
  • DHET Accredited Journal Lists for Publications to be Made in 2024 and Submitted in 2025 cycle: View List

How to submit DHET accredited outputs to claim subsidy

The publications must be submitted by academics/researchers via the online system called Clarivate Analytics.

User guides for submitting research outputs:

Creative Outputs and Innovations

In April 2017, the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) gazetted the Policy on the Evaluation of Creative Outputs and Innovations produced by South African Public Higher Education Institutions, 2017 (Vol. 40819 28 April 2017, No. 395). The purpose of this policy is to recognize and reward quality creative research outputs produced by public Higher Education Institutions. The creative outputs that the policy recognizes for the purpose of research subsidy are in the following subfields, Fine and Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Performance and Dance, Design, Film and Television and Literary Arts. Under Innovations, the policy recognizes patents and plant breeder’s rights.

Policy on Creative Outputs and Innovations 

The Department has developed an implementation tool to guide public higher education institutions in preparing submissions of the creative research outputs. The guidelines are supplementary to the policy and must be read in conjunction.

Creative outputs and innovations will be submitted annually to the DHET in May.

How to submit creative outputs and innovation

Creative outputs must be submitted to the faculty by completing the Creative Output Template with all the supporting documents

Creative Outputs Template

Granted patents and plants breeders’ rights will be obtained from the Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The Allocation of Publication Subsidy Funds  - Rand Value of a Unit = R 123 635

Research Information Management System (RIMS)

CPUT is a member of The South African Technology Network (SATN) Consortium, together with other University of Technologies (UoTs), they implemented a web-based RIMS called Clarivate Analytics/ Converis. The purpose of RIMS is to provide a common application platform to support all research processes. In the Research Directorate, the RIMS section is tasked with keeping up-to-date records of research outputs and submitting these outputs to the DHET for subsidy and supporting the Grants Unit with research proposal development and tracking. Creative outputs and Innovations must be submitted through the online system.

CPUT’s Annual Research Report and Research Festival

The Research Directorate records, celebrates and publicises CPUT’s excellence in research, innovation and uptake through the institution’s annual Research Report. It also showcases these achievements at the institution’s annual Research Festival, which celebrates this excellence through a display of vibrant exhibitions, followed by an awards ceremony and gala brunch.

CPUT’s Research Reports from 2006 to the present can be viewed here: https://www.cput.ac.za/research-technology-and-innovation/reports

The 2020/2021 Research Festival, including the Awards Ceremony, can be viewed here:  https://cputdev.online/research-festival/

Please find your invitation to CPUT’S Research Festival below as a PDF with clickable links for registration and programmes.

Please join us at the institutional annual Research Festival 28 February to 2 March 2023. You can join on any or all of the three days in person or via live-streaming.

The theme is “Celebrating and showcasing relevant, responsive and innovative research”.

Day 1: Research Day and Research Excellence Awards

Tuesday 28th February 2023

  • A showcase of research outputs, innovations and societal uptake
  • Projects will be displayed in a dynamic and interactive way, e.g. conversations, videos, photographs, samples of products, demonstrations, laboratory visits, etc.
  • In person at the Bellville Sports Hall for the Exhibitions (no registration necessary to visit the displays)
  • To watch the live-streaming of the Awards Ceremony, please click here https://youtube.com/live/2AbDqxLy5So?feature=share

Day 2: Postgraduate Conference

Wednesday 1st March 2023

  • A platform for postgraduate students in all faculties and units to showcase their research activities
  • Papers will be presented and exhibited at the conference in all areas of research by the postgraduate students as they pave the way to innovative solutions for real problems
  • In person at SARETEC (pre-registration required) or please click here for the live-streaming https://youtube.com/live/S9XIPorRO1k?feature=share

Day 3: Ethics Day

Thursday 2nd March 2023

  • Theme for the event: “Research Ethics and Community Engagement”
  • Experts from the Centre for Community Engagement & Work Integrated Learning, Research Uptake (SIP), and the faculties of Education and Health & Wellness Sciences will share their experiences and knowledge
  • Topics include values, social responsibility, code of conduct, practices, case studies, pathways to ethics and cite permission and reflections relevant to our theme
  • In person at SARETEC (pre-registration required) or please click here for the live-streaming https://youtube.com/live/OHQcQP0FqT0?feature=share

Policies and Guidelines

CPUT RTI Blueprint 3.0: Charting the Path to 2030
Novel Approaches to Enhance the Quality and Impact of Post-Graduate Student Supervision at CPUT


Mr Clement Matasane

Research Manager


Tel: +27 460 3383

Office: Research Directorate, Room 2.8, Administration Building, District Six Campus

Ms Luyolo Kamati

Coordinator: Research Information Management System (RIMS)


 Tel +27 (0) 21 460 3843

Office: Research Directorate, Room 2.8, Administration Building, District Six Campus

Ms Lara Lee Smith

Coordinator: Research Writing, Information, Publications


Tel: +27 21 460 3328

Office: Research Directorate, Room 2.8, Administration Building, District Six Campus