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Research Grants

The research funding office supports CPUT staff and postgraduate students’ research efforts. The RGM team deals with the pre-and post-award functions of national grants, in the main. These include research grants funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) and also by the DHET under the University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG), amongst others. We aspire to provide professional service in aid of processing, awarding, managing and reporting on research grant funding.

Grant Guidelines & Terms of Reference

For Internal Funding Schemes, all applications must be submitted through the online system - InfoED/RIM. Click here

Nationally Funded Research Grants

Government Level

DHET - University Capacity Development Plan (UCDP)/ University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)

Funding Agency Level

National Research Foundation (NRF)

NRF Online Submissions system & funding opportunities can be accessed here

Complying to grant conditions:

Submit your reports at


Research Grants Manager


For any queries kindly contact: Ms Pumza Makaula: Research Grants Officer

On the Pre-award/Granting side

  • Ms Pumza Makaula: Research Grants Officer

On the Post-award/Finance/Disbursement side

  • Ms Nikeziwe Ngcani: Research Grants Finance Coordinator
  • Ms Shafeeqa Dramat: Finance Administrator
  • Mr Marvin la Meyer: Finance Administrator
  • Ms Phathiswa Swaartbooi: Financial Administrator