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Since its inception in 2012, CPUT's Live Streaming activity has been awarded several prestigious global awards. Read more.

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I need assistance with watching/listening to the live broadcast

I click play but nothing happens

This may be a browser related problem. Please reload the page and try again. If this still fails but you are NOT getting error 1, try a different browser. We recommend Firefox.

Freezing video, bad quality or lag

These issues are related to the network you are connected to. This broadcast is set to the best quality signal we can provide based on the strength of your internet connection. In the event that your network connection is slow, the broadcast automatically adjusts the quality to suit your connection speed. To fix this issue, please find a more stable, faster connection such as dedicated 3G or ADSL. WIFI is not recommended.

While on campus, will watching this broadcast use up my CPUT Bandwidth allocation?

No. We have made this service not to use up your internet bandwidth bill while on campus.

How do I capture moments in this video?


Use the Print Screen button on your keyboard to save pictures of the video. If you need help see: How to Use the Print Screen Button

Audio and Video:

You can record your computer screen by using any free screen recorder available online. If you need help see: