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Library Rules

CPUT Libraries welcomes you to use its facilities and resources. The library is there for you and we invite you to use
it often and to ask our staff for assistance if you need help. We ask that you
to behave in a way that is considerate towards others.

Please do:

•    Be quiet in the library
•    Speak quietly in group work areas
•    Switch off your cell phone or place it on mute
•    Take care of our library materials
•    Hand lost property to staff at the circulation desk
•    Report transgressions to a staff member
•    Ensure that items you remove from the library have been issued to you
•    Return borrowed items on time

Please do not:

•    Eat, drink or smoke/vape in the library
•    Bring food into the library
•    Damage books or computers
•    Bring weapons into the library
•    Steal library materials
•    Sleep in the library (including 24hr study areas)

Those not following the above requests may be asked to leave the library. Action will be taken against anyone guilty
of damaging or stealing library materials.