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CPUT Honorary Doctorates

Purpose of the Award

Any member or group of members of CPUT Council or Senate may nominate a person for the award of an Honorary Doctorate for exceptionally distinguished service or achievement. Nominations from the University and wider communities may be made to Senate or Council, either of which may approve or reject such a nomination. Distinguished service or achievement may relate to one or more of the following: service to a relevant industry, profession, community or communities; academic distinction; service to the University; or a major contribution to resolving problems of national, African or global scope.

CPUT Honorary Doctorate recipients


Date awarded

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Christo Wiese

13 April 2015

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Brigalia Ntomhlope Bam

14 April 2015

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Selvanathan Mudazy

16 September 2016

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Anant Singh

28 March 2017

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Marlene le Roux

30 March 2017

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Mildred Mandu Ramakaba Lesiea

31 March 2017

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Conrad Theys

10 December 2018

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Andrew Mlangeni

11 April 2019

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Denis Theodore Goldberg

11 April 2019

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Yskandar Hamam

17 June 2021

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Desiree Ellis

25 April 2024

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Process for awarding an Honorary Doctorate

  • A nomination may be made by any member or group of members of CPUT Council or Senate.
  • Any such nomination shall be made confidentially to the Registrar in writing, and shall provide a detailed, evidence-based rationale for the award. The nomination shall also include the name of the degree that the proponent wishes to be awarded.
  • A person nominated for the award of an honorary doctorate shall not be consulted until the nomination has been endorsed by the Joint Honorary Doctorate Awarding Committee of Senate and Council.
  • CPUT shall establish a Joint Committee of Senate and Council to consider nominations for the award of honorary doctorates. Senate shall nominate three representatives and Council shall appoint a further three members. None of the latter three members shall be the Senate representative to Council. In addition the Vice-Chancellor of the institution shall be a member of the Joint Honorary Doctorate Awarding Committee. The committee will be chaired by one of the Council members.

Criteria upon which the Award can be considered

  • Exceptionally distinguished personal achievement and worth.
  • Outstanding social, economic or cultural contribution nationally or internationally.
  • Achievements should be in fields of endeavour related to the vision, mission and core values of the university, as well as to its core functions of research, teaching and community engagement.
  • Relevant fields may include those found in the various faculties at the university as well as social and public service nationally or internationally.
  • Nominations should give due consideration to equity issues.

Usage of an Honorary Doctorate

The honorary title will be used post nominally e.g. Mr John Smith, D Ed h.c.