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Design elements

A brand design language is often, but not always derived from the elements of the brand signature. The purpose of a design language is to create a distinctive and unique style for the brand that is easily recognisable and identifiable. It may consist of the brand colours and fonts, the slogan and abstracted parts of the logo symbol, but it can also make use of graphic elements that represent the brand or are randomly chosen.

Our chosen element is waves, a design that represents technology, as in sound and light waves, oscillations, and graph parabola used in business and economics, amongst others.

The number, frequency (how many times they rise and fall), depth, length, thickness and colour are optional – at the designer’s discretion. Waves for brand executions must use the brand blues and shades of them. They can also use greys. Waves for faculty executions must use shades of the faculty colour, but can use brand colours in combination with them.

img branding design elements